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Pierre Francis Barit

Pierre Frances Barit


n. a person who prepares food for eating; ruler of the kitchen: loyal follower of tastebuds; deviator from cookbook recipes; adhere to family secrets; and devoted to pleasing everyone's cravings...

Years in business: 

30 - Princess Alicante, Princess Cruises, Roxbury, Typhoon (Santa Monica Airport), Aysia 101, Bistro 201, Dana Point Resort, Hyatt Regency and La Traviata

Personal hero:

Roberto Gerametta - Master Chef, Instructor and Mentor
United States Culinary Olympic Team
"He can prepare 8 different sauces to perfection at the same time without spilling a drop! He taught me to keep the kitchen clean and the flavor true to the ingredients and to the palette."

Favorite food:

French Fries
"At the age of 5, I wondered why my Mom could not make the same French Fries that McDonald's does...started experimenting in the kitchen and been there ever since."


"Remember, it's fishing...NOT catching..."

Our Culinary Team

Our Culinary Team

During his apprenticeship in the hospitality industry, Chef Pierre has worked with numerous chefs, sous chefs and prep staff, some of whom have gone on to open their own businesses, became executive chefs or executive sous chefs. After 30 years, they remain close personal friends.

Our Catering Staff

Our Catering Staff

These are our catering staff! We still enjoy seeing each other and working together in the most highly energetic and "hottest" kitchen, whether we are doing a wedding for 500, or sharing our experiences in the most creative, 7 course wine dinner for 12, or just a barbeque for family and friends.

Knowing how difficult the industry could be, we also take in culinary students and apprentice who are not afraid of hard work in hoping to gain some personal experience.

Always at your service and "Second to none..."

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